Alarmed by the intensive and uncontrolled commercial fishing for sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), practised by certain nations during the reproduction period in the spawning zones, the Federation of Sea Anglers in France (F.F.P.M) and the Federation of Recreational and Sport Fishermen in France (F.N.P.P.S.F.) wish that the following action will be taken and applied:

  1. An European scientific study by the E.U.(ICES) is under way to evaluate the existing bass stocks and decide whether this species is in danger and what actions should be taken within the frame of stock management which guarantee restoration of the stock. A preliminary study must be made public within six months.
  2. A complete ban to prohibit all fishing during the reproduction period in all spawning areas of the species.
  3. As a precautionary principle, awaiting application of point 2 above, we request all nations of E.U. to apply the quota measures already existing in France and the UK (5000 kg of catches per week per vessel) and to limit the overall fishing effort to current levels.
  4. The priority should be to increase the size of bass to allow them to reach sexual maturity and that while awaiting scientific study results, the existing minimum landing size currently defined by law, shall be maintained and enforced.
  5. The recreational sport fishing industry wish to stress the significance of the socio-economic impact of its activities in the coastal areas of Europe. In view of the emphasis within the recent Common Fisheries Green Paper (The future of common fisheries policy) of socio-economics and for the first time. "recreation in its "basic principles", we request thatb our governments and the European Commission DG 14 take full account of the socio-economic dimension of the recreational fishery when considering the results of ICES study.

The two organisations ask the national and European institutes to join them in their propositions and to take in consideration that the oceans are vulnerable and that it is their duty to draw the attention of the public if the withdrawal is becoming unreasonable. They expect that the measures will be taken at all levels and with the shortest possible delay.

Signed on behalf of the above mentioned organisations by:

Henri Contamine, président F.F.P.M.
Hervé Quelven, président F.N.P.P.S.F.
Marcel Ordan, vice-président F.F.P.M.
Graziano Garzi, vice-président F.N.P.P.S.F.

This manifest has received the support of:
The European Anglers' Alliance (EAA)
The Fédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive en Mer (FIPS/M)