Major changes and modifications for 2017

(Decisions Seubal 2016)


  • Size of the hooks. Any competitor found using or having non legal hooks in his possession (in his box, ...) will be disqualified for that competition day. In case of repetition, he will be disqualified for the whole championship.

Shore Angling

  • New Rules: Already in force for 2016 ! Download
  • U16: Juniors  12 to 16 years

  • New disciplines:
    • 2017 World Championship over 55 (Veterans) - Organizer: Spain
    • 2018 World Championship Duo (teams of 2 anglers) -Organizer: Spain


  • Size and number of anglers per boat. For security reasons, the dimension of the boats should be at least 4.5 meters. The boats must be provided with a railing whose height must reach mid-thigh. In future, all these details, together with pictures showing people standing inside the boats must be provided with the specifications by the organizing nation.

Sponsor FIPS-M

  • Besides national and local sponsors, the official sponsor FIPS-M (TRONIXPRO) has the right to show material, posters, logos ... at the FIPS-M Championships. The organizer must provide a place for this purpose.