World Youth gets a great boost through new FIPS-M sponsorship

 FIPS M & TronixPro


Dr Hubert Waldheim, President of FIPS-M says: "One of the most important aims of FIPS-M is to support the youth and to give them the chance to take part in international angling events and competitions to keep our angling sport alive. We are convinced that we have found With Tronixpro a partner that helps us to pursue our intention and we are looking forward to the collaboration".

Managing Director of TronixFishing, George Cunningham adds "This new agreement between Tronixpro and FIPS-M is a real win win situation, not only do we gain exposure at the most prestigious sea angling competitions on the planet but we get to invest in youth angling where help is most important and needed. We are very happy With this arrangement and look forward to a long and successful relationship."

TronixFishing Press Release